Yes, there are many different variations of evolutionary commercial food ovens, combi’s, grills, broilers and smokers that fit into existing kitchen cook lines that are supported by established manufacturing and distribution channels. They serve a traditional market, incremental improvements on something that already exists, “just more of the same.”

The TotalKitchen Oven embodies a revolutionary re-think of commercial food-service cooking equipment for restaurant quality meals at the retail level. Yes, it’s an oven, but an oven without equal!

Barbecued Ribs
It's a Barbeque Pit

The TotalKitchen Oven has the flexibility to cook small batches or full ovens. You can cook three slabs of baby backs, three slabs of St. Louis ribs, two racks beef back ribs, two racks of lamb, six half chickens, twelve (4 x 1) natural-casing sausage links, twelve wings in each oven, all at the same time (1 hour), all at the same temperature (350° F.) without over- or under-cooking each individual item!

Or, cook thirty chickens in each oven for a total of sixty chickens in little over one hour… without blood at the bone. Our infrared heating elements start cooking the bone-marrow at the same time as the outside skin. That high-heat penetration in concert with the gentle, natural convection (no fans) produces a great crusty golden brown but moist, ready-to-plate finish.

Wood sticks can ship overnight.  No large storage requirements!
It's a Hot or Cold Wood Smoker

Wood smoke has long been an important part of the American culinary psyche, from barbecue smoked meats, poultry, fish, seafood, fruits, veggies, syrups, to smoky water for soup stocks. Natural wood smoke is one of the oldest flavorings and preservatives. Natural wood smoke also destroys surface bacteria which promotes food safety. To smoke or not to smoke… hickory, mesquite, fruit woods, seaweed, hay — your choice — or go smokeless, without wood.

With the TK Clean-Air-Return™, the TotalKitchen Oven brings outdoor cooking indoors. It is a ventless exhaust system with no hood necessary! An indoor campfire for chuck wagon chefs to create a memorable cook-out! Enough technological innovation to satisfy the most left-brained among us, which for people who prefer their aesthetics well done, is a concept worth embracing.

Baked Pie
It Bakes

We wanted the option to bake pies, cakes, bread, pizza in one oven while wood smoking barbecue in the other without cross-contamination of flavors, so the TotalKitchen T1000 Oven has double doors with two separate sealed compartments. The oven also allows endless flavor profiles by combining a smoking element in a baking environment. Impart hickory flavoring in anything from casseroles to baked potatoes to cookies.

Braised Pork
It Braises

If pot roast is the ultimate comfort food, then braising is the ultimate cooking method — gently searing in the flavor of the meat and then roasting it in flavorful gravies and vegetable blends until the meat falls off the bones. The TotalKitchen Oven can create fork-tender spare ribs, lamb shanks, beef roast, and more with just the push of a button.

Grilled Salmon
It's a Wood-Fired Grill

Grilling is a major part of the modern day food scene. The TotalKitchen Oven is equipped with natural wood-smoking elements and infrared heater rods located in the top and bottom of each oven cavity. This allows cooking both sides at the same time without turning. Simply place product directly on the adjustable/removable rack for that backyard grill look and taste. Cook/grill/smoke everything from natural casing sausage to ribs to vegetable kabobs to a whole fresh salmon and more.

Broiled Veggies
It Broils

Much the same as grilling, broiling can be done using the TotalKitchen Oven's infrared heat elements. Broiling is a popular method for making fish filets or sirloin steaks. It can also be used to roast healthy, juicy vegetables in a short amount of time.