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We are currently developing version 2.0 of the TotalKitchen Oven.   We are not taking orders at this time and cannot provide pricing information, but we expect to be releasing the new version in 2016.   Please proceed to our Contact page if you would like to receive updates on this extraordinary commercial oven smoker. Thank you!

The T1000 (Double Stacked Oven) is mounted on large casters making it easy to roll through most commercial doorways. It takes up just over 10 sq. feet of floor space making it unnecessary for the expensive renovations and remodeling other commercial equipment requires.See More >

The T1000 (Double Stacked Oven) plugs into a standard 240V AC electrical outlet. That's it! No special duct work and, more importantly, no expensive ventilation hood, is required to start serving wonderful, fresh, and healthy foods to your customers. See More >

Bake, broil, smoke, grill, cook & hold–all in one compact oven. Prepare 3 slabs of baby backs, 3 slabs of St. Louis ribs, 2 racks of beef-back ribs, 2 racks of lamb, 6 half chickens, 12 (4 X 1) natural casing sausage links, 12 wings in each oven, all at the same time (1hr), all at the same temperature (350° F.), all to perfection! See More >

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The TotalKitchen Oven is the ultimate commercial food oven. It embodies a revolutionary re-think of commercial food-service cooking equipment for restaurant-quality meals at the retail level. Yes, it's an oven, but an oven without equal! It bakes, broils, braises, grills, barbecues, cooks & holds, and is a hot or cold smoker, all with a Clean-Air-Return™ System attached (no hood necessary).


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